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Cats on my bed
Cats on my bed (Photo credit: claireviolet82)

Edward Cullen heard a knock at the door. He frowned, getting up from his seat and going to the front door. He didn’t like to be interrupted while he was reading. Edward went to his front door and opened it, seeing a woman wearing nothing more than a short pink robe and a pair of fluffy bunny slippers. “What do you want?” he snapped as he glared at her.

“My cat is on your roof,” said the woman.

“Again?” Edward snapped.

“Well, said the woman, “he never really goes outside but today, for some reason, he decided that he wanted to get out. How he got onto your roof, I’ll never know.”

Edward frowned as he stared at the woman. She had brown eyes and brown hair. Edward had not met all of his neighbors yet, so he had no idea of who this woman was. She said, “I‘m Bella Swan, your next door neighbor,” said Bella.

“I see,” said Edward. “And who is your cat?”

“His name is Twilight,” said Bella. “He’s only a baby cat with black fur. He likes to hide in dark spaces.”

“Ok then,” said Edward. “Let’s go rescue your cat.”

He led Bella inside the house and up the stairs leading to the attic. Bella looked around her, seeing scores of pictures of Edward’s family as well as shelves full of books and CD‘s. She began to wonder who her next door neighbor was, as she heard that Edward never liked to entertain visitors even though he was very close to his family.

A meow was heard in the attic, which Bella didn’t miss. “Twilight?” she said, “is that you?”

Edward also heard the cat meowing and shook his head. “I don’t know how or why he is hiding in the attic,” he said, “but this has got to stop.”

“Why are you saying that?” said Bella.

“Because every other day, someone’s cat ends up in my attic,” Edward snapped. “Why do they keep coming into my attic?”

“Who knows?” said Bella. The cat meowed again as Bella and Edward moved towards the attic. “Twilight, hang on,” Bella cried out. “I’m coming.”

Edward opened the door to the attic and flipped on a light switch. Bella looked up and saw the cat hiding among some empty boxes. “C’mere, Twilight,” Bella said as soon as she saw the cat.

The cat heard Bella’s voice and ran out of his hiding place towards her. Edward gasped as he saw the cat; he had a long black coat. He had a medium-length narrow face, bright green eyes, and was a bit pudgy. He was a picky eater, pounces anything that moves, and is very shy. The cat purred as soon as Bella picked him up and gave him a big hug. “Now let’s get you home; your mother must be worried sick.” To Edward, she said, “Thank you.”

“Yeah,” said Edward. He really didn’t want Bella or the kitten in his house longer than necessary. “We’ll show ourselves out,” Bella said as she took the kitten and went home.

For the rest of that day, all Edward could think about was Bella and the baby cat who ended up on his roof. He tried to brush it off as routine; he knew that half the neighborhood’s cats often ended up on his roof or in his attic and he had to rescue them all. But why were the cats coming to his house? Couldn’t they be trapped in the trees that lined his front yard like regular cats?

Edward frowned, intending to solve this perplexing mystery.

As for Bella, however, she set the baby cat at his mother’s side and watched as the mother cat licked her son clean. She recalled the day that Tawny showed up at her back door: it was wet and rainy outside and Bella was reading a book when she heard a cry at her back door. There was a cat on her porch. Bella went to the door and stared at the cat; this average-sized adult cat was a female with a medium-length white coat with small calico spots. She had a medium-length, average-width face, brown eyes, and is slightly pudgy. She would eat almost anything in sight, was very friendly, and would jump onto any available lap.

Bella saw the wet cat and opened the door, letting the cat walk in. The cat meowed as she looked up at Bella. Bella said to her, “Where’s your home?” The cat meowed again, a signal that she was hungry and wanted food. Bella set out a plate filled with meat before the cat, and she gobbled it up. After a meal and a bath, the cat fell asleep on Bella’s bed.

Within a few weeks, the cat had become part of Bella’s life. She was a good companion, something that Bella seemed to lack nowadays. Eventually, Bella saw that the cat, which she named Tawny, was pregnant and one day, while Bella’s mother Renee was visiting, Tawny gave birth to seven tiny kittens.

The kittens were named Twilight, Autumn, Princess, Robin, Shadow, Cloud, and Willow. They grew to like Bella’s house and refused to leave, and Bella couldn’t bring herself to give away the kittens. The kittens were a source of amusement for the neighbors, who would find them hiding in Bella’s garage or backyard.

But now, Twilight was safe at home, but Bella couldn’t help but wonder which one of her kittens would be next to end up on Edward Cullen’s roof.

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